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COPYEXPRESS has extensive experience in interior decoration of professional spaces. With digital printing technology and the use of new innovative materials, the company offers the modern designer and architect the opportunity to reach in the best possible way the desired aesthetic result. Our company recently installed the new VUTEK QS 3200 printing machine with UV Printing on flexible and non-flexible materials. With the above mentioned equipment and in collaboration with the rest of its printing systems, our company has the ability to print any file on any material each project demands.

3Μ HELLAS sticker and decorative membranes series

3M DΙ-NOC is an adhesive decorative membrane series, available in a very wide range of designs from natural to hi-tech, which faithfully reproduce wood, metal, marble, leather, stone, and many other investment materials. They offer unlimited creative flexibility and architectural freedom at a reduced cost compared to the corresponding natural materials used in construction, restoration, maintenance and repair. Their potential applications are very different and vary, inter alia, from building, hotel and office to public transport and shipping, even to furniture and equipment, both for indoor and outdoor applications. DI-NOC decorative membrane series includes includes a rich range of more than 25 categories, which include more than 500 different designs, colors and embossed structures, which are able to meet even the most complex decoration requirements, allowing them to be incorporated into new constructions or relate to renovation of premises.


Even if project design requires DI-NOC digital printing, this is possible in some codes. There is also the possibility of creating a special color or even a drawing. Typical DI-NOC coverings include walls, columns, doors, furniture, elevators, suspended ceilings, bathrooms and kitchens, shop facades, etc. and of course they can be attached to aluminum, steel, tiles, various metals, plastics, synthetic materials, plasters, plasterboard and many other substrates found in construction. Their reduced thickness allows for coatings that are lighter than their counterparts, while the fact that they are self-adhesive allows them to be adapted to the work and adhered locally to the existing substrate, resulting in reduced cost over the work with the corresponding natural coating materials. used in renovation or new construction. Obviously, the downtime is also significantly reduced, and in many cases work can be done while the site is in operation, such as ship and hotel renovations.


As a result of 3M’s decades of experience in the production of self-adhesive membranes, DI-NOC has excellent performance in water, dirt, scratches, abrasions and mold.It is also fireproof and has IMO certification for use on ships. The material features its high resistance to time and stress and is specially designed for interior and exterior decoration applications. As DI-NOC membranes are PVC (free of cadmium or other heavy metals), with a thickness of 210-220mm with the adhesive material, and can be formed with hot air dryer during paste work, practically they can be applied on all standard 3D curved surfaces mm with the adhesive material, and can be formed with hot air dryer during paste work, practically they can be applied on all standard 3D curved surfaces. Of course they have resistance to various common chemicals, and are easy to clean with common cleaners. They come with a range of certificates, as well as a 12-year warranty for internal applications and a 4 to 8-year external warranty, with guaranteed application by certified technicians. DI-NOC opens up new ways of communicating and expression both in interior and exterior application, offering ideas and solutions where the raw material cannot deliver due to technical difficulties or cost. DI-NOC membranes, with their high quality and aesthetics, have been used for decades in other countries and for more than 5 years in Greece in many different applications, from hotels and shops to ships, and from hospitals to cars, offering unique solutions in the field of architecture and decoration of surfaces.


Digital printing as the decorator’s tool
Digital printing as the decorator’s tool is a unique solution in hundreds of applications and is an integral part of any modern project. In general, with our new UV technology, we are able to print photographically on any flexible and rigid material.

Furniture with prints
Furniture, after being first designed, are first printed with digital prints on wood and then the carpenter takes over their assembly and setting up in your premises.

Material sheets with digital printing:

  • Transparent and sunscreen membranes
  • Vinyl stickers
  • Ceiling membranes
  • Wallpapers
  • Plastic flooring
  • Sandblasting
  • Canvas
  • Fabrics
  • Curtains
  • Awnings
  • Artificial Leather etc.

Material sheets with digital printing:

  • Plexiglass
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Doors
  • Tiles
  • K-mount
  • Aluminum
  • Polycarbonate
  • Plasterboard
  • Decorative panels

Printing On Wood

The wood we usually print is mdf, plywood, formwork, melamine, lacquered wood.


Polyester Sheets

Printing on polyester sheets is highly resistant to large temperature changes.


Printing on aluminum

Aluminum printing combines high image quality and perfect durability over time.


Printing on glass

On glass, we print your file wherever you want.

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