Print Decoration Applications

Wallpaper prints

COPYEXPRESS, a leading graphic arts company in Greece specializing in digital printing, offers unique interior design solutions with the service of digital wallpaper printing. The big advantage of digitally printed wallpaper is that it has no limitations on dimension, quantity, design, color and texture.
It’s really cut and sewn to your needs. Digital wallpaper printing is done on high quality photographic machines. Indoor color durability is guaranteed for life, with print resolution reaching 1440 dpi. Production capacity reaches 1000 square meters per day. The inks we use vary depending on the type of wallpaper we print. To print the wallpaper you can create your own unique design or we can create it for you, as long as you tell us your idea.

Printing on tiles

With the VUTEK UV direct printing method, COPYEXPRESS offers unique print solutions for any theme you want on a bathroom or kitchen tiles.

Color durability has been tested in the toughest conditions with excellent results and can be used even on floors.

The colors are vibrant and the print quality is unique.


For the last 15 years we have been involved in the construction, installation and study of the application of store branding.


Paper Stand-Paper Displays

COPYEXPRESS has been offering unique solutions in the manufacturing of paper stands and in the packaging business for over 17 years.


Printing on Net

MESH material (net)is an extremely durable material outdoors, and quite economical. It can be welded or sewn.


Building Coverage

Digital printing building coverage is the most effective way to display the message you want to view.


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