Sunblock membranes for buildings.

The sunblock membranes of COPYEXPRESS come at a vast variety.  From transparent membranes that are being applied on store windowscreens to mirror like membranes. COPYEXPRESS has the ability of servicing every type of your needs. Membranes are here to replace blindfolds which without us knowing work in contrast to the purpose for which they were initially bought.

Sunblock Membranes

The comfort and protection of the internal space of a car as well as its passengers  is 3M’s trademark in regards to cars sunblock membranes. 3M invented the sunblock membrane in 1966 and these innovative products provide protection from the harmful rays of sun for over 40 years.

Whether you are looking for temperature reduction or you wish to reduce sun radiation, car sunblock membranes by 3M are the ideal solution. Even though comfort and style are their main characteristics, the non metallic composition of the Sunblock membranes can offer you protection from the sun that exceeds that of SPF 1000. Let 3M do the work for you.

Sunblock membranes main characteristics

  • Reduce the heat that penetrates glass (from the outside coming in)
  • Reduce the loss of heat (from the inside going out)
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce glare
  • Offer protection against ultraviolet radiation
  • Prolong the life span of fabrics
  • Offer security
  • Create a modern aesthetic in the external appearance of a building
  • Enhance the comfort in internal spaces and improve working conditions for the employees.

Mirror Membrane

Is a membrane with intense reflectability,  a fact that makes it very efficient.

All the truth in regards to fading.

We all have seen that certain fabrics or pieces of furniture that are behind windowscreens or behind house windows, tend to loose their color and fade as time goes by. Studies have proven that this specific fading comes from 4 factors. The most serious one being ultraviolet radiation. By applying 3M Scotchprint membranes, we prolong the life span of our fabrics and furniture. COPYEXPRESS sunblock membranes absorb almost 100% of ultraviolet radiation UVΑ and UVB, hence they protect from the most important corrosion factor. They also significantly restrain heat and the visible light that penetrates windowpanes. That is how the life span of colors stays intact for a much longer period of time.

Decorative Membranes

With the decorative membranes, you are given the chance to change the appearance of you space. The vast variety of colors and designs, helps you create and achieve the result you are looking for. They offer discretion and prettify your space.

Sunblock membranes

Suitable for houses, offices, embassies, stores, banks, hospitals, museums and hotels.

Sunblock membranes are divided into the following categories:
  • Mirror membranes
  • Neutral color membranes
  • Non transparent membranes of low retro – reflectivity
  • All- Season membranes
  • Prestige membranes
Building membranes (Sunblock) 
  • Protect from heat and glare
  • Reduce substantially the operational cost of air conditioners
  • Minimize the incoming ultraviolet radiation, having as a result the protection of the health of the inhabitants.
  • Hold the windows in case of breakage, preventing minor injuries
  • Hold back thieves
  • Protect from explosions and natural disasters
  • Offer discretion and prettify the space
  • Are covered by a long term written guarantee

Sunblock membranes

Sunblock membranes for buildings have been designed in such way in order to cover the increased needs for heat and glare protection in houses and office buildings. They substantially reduce ultraviolet radiation, having as a result the protection of the health of the building’s inhabitants.

Anti ultraviolet membranes

Anti ultraviolet membranes are usually places on store window-screens, museums and residential buildings, protecting exhibits and furniture from fading. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes serious damages and illnesses. The American SKIN CANCER FOUNDATION suggests the application of membranes as an effective protection product.

Security membranes

Security membranes are being applied on banks, embassies, school glass surfaces as well as residential buildings and child care centers. They hold the windows in case of breakage, preventing minor injuries. They hold back thieves and in case of explosions, offer protection from fire, shockwave and scrap. COPYEXPRESS security membranes meet all the relevant international specifications.

Non transparent membranes of low retro - reflectivity.

Classic metallic membranes reflect both internally and externally the light, having as a result to reflect intensively internally and prevent visibility from the inside. Night Vision series membranes are the only sunblock membranes that allow visibility from the inside, even during night time, with the room lights on. Their unique characteristics derive from the fact that instead of the traditional layering of a polyester based material which includes metals, they are layered with carbon fibres so thin that they are invisible to the naked eye. Night Vision membranes have a bigger life span from conventional membranes and are ideal for application or residential buildings and offices.

All – season membranes

This type of membrane is similar to the sunblock membrane in regards to the prevention of incoming sun radiation, but has alos a unique patterned construction that allow it to reflect the heat that is produced during wintertime through heating devices, back in the room. Thus it vastly reduces  heat loss through windows and preserves energy come winter or summer. All -season membranes transform a simple window of single or double glass to an energy conserving one.

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