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Books printing

Digital printing of books of a small tiraz is one of the basic services our company provides.  Having equipment of the highest quality, we can provide a vertical production of book printings in small and medium quantities.  We can provide immediately small quantities of specialized books, when you are in need of them, in the minimum amount of time and the best possible price.

Book printing

With the digital printing of your books, you are given the best quality in regards to your photographs and you will never be able to tell the difference between that and the classical offset printing.  With our latest investment in the Xeikon 5000 we are looking forward to an even better quality but also a much bigger productivity at an even lower production cost.

Xeikon One-Pass-Duplex™

The unique technology of Xeikon One-Pass-Duplex™, minimizes the overall production time and can produce impressive double side printings with one strike. With a printing resulotion of 600 dpi with a variable density dot, Xeikon 5000 prints in a variety of coated and non-coated materials (without the need of special coating) with a weight of 40 up to 350 grams.

Xeikon 5000

Being supplied with a jumbo roll of a width that goes up to 508 mm, it allows us to print 2-up and A4 and even 3-up and A5, giving us the option of limitless printing in regards to length. Xeikon 5000  can print multi paged forms with the impressive speed of 7800 color pages per hour (130 pages per minute).

Impressive speed

With impressive ripping and printing speeds, with high availability (Uptime), with a solid construction and reliability, Xeikon 5000 maximizes your productivity.  Its basic equipment includes an inline densitοmeter that ensures the impeccable and stable color output through out the whole duration of production for constant and maximum printing quality.

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Flier printing

Having the contemporary equipment that it does, COPYEXPRESS can offer you economical fliers that stand out.

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Color and black and white photocopies can be provided in an amazing speed and at the lowest market prices.

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