Material Cuts - CNC Router Aluminum Cuts, Plexiglass Cuts, Wooden Cuts, Foam Cuts, Leather Cuts, Etalbon Cuts

Useful Market Advise / Tips

Zünd’s Cut Systems

Zünd’s cut systems exceed both in high productivity as well as in premium cut quality, which will amaze you. The system’s innovative technology in combination with its construction supremacy, can guarantee reliability as well as low cost due to speedy production.

G3 design

G3’s design with detachable fittings / components, allows you to adjust the cut system depending on your constant changing needs. G3’s linear cut system is a niche product which has a unique set of skills that make it ideal for industrial use of many shifts and 24hrs daily usage. Zünd systems are energy efficient. Furthermore, the adjustable vacuum generators offer maximum retention material during the cut. You no longer have to worry whether you materials move during processing.

G3 line

The impeccable production capacity of the G3 line derives from the usage of smart control technology, from the solid parts of the system as well as from the advanced-detachable tools it has. All of the system’s parts are fully coordinated with each other and guarantee the optimization of the cut’s quality.

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