Our Company

COPYEXPRESS was founded by Dionysis, Filip and Andrew Triantafyllopoulos brothers in 1997, starting with one production unit in the area of Exarheia. Within a time period of 15 years, its capacity exceeded any expectation, leading the business to levels that place her among the biggest and lucrative Greek printing companies with an expertise in digital printings.
From that period until today, the Company has shown a fast development pace, which has fortified even more the company’s presence in the market and has given her a place amongst the biggest investors in the field of digital printing.

The Company’s objective includes a vast spectrum of services, lieing from the printing of various forms to the production of vast dimensional printings. Company products include form printings, printings of variable date, etiquette printings, vast scale printings, exhibition stands, special promotional / advertising constructions etc.
COPYEXPRESS is acclaimed for its full vertical intergrated production, having one of the most contemporary units with latest technology machines / machinery. Company sales are mostly addressed to the Greek market but also abroad, since 20% of its production is being exported.

When answering the question «Why COPYEXPRESS», we present a series of serious reasons and arguments that make us stand out in the field.

– Combing on one side the experience and knowledge of the market’s demands and on the other side the freshness and creative concern that characterize all of our company’s personnel COPYEXPRESS is developing even more dynamically.
– It expands its operations so that it can offer complete solutions even to the most demanding customers.
– Presently COPYEXPRESS is one of the most contemporary productive units of digital printing in Greece.
– Its main weapon in its daily attempt to gain and maintain recognition in the market, is its 30 member fully qualified personnel, young at age, eager and ambitious, which can fully support and meet any of the company’s client’s demand.
– The company has fullfilled the 5years investment plan by creating 3 contemporary productive units, insuring its customers of all the benefits that come out of it and has already started its new plan, which mainly includes the renewal and enrichment of its equipment.

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