Sticker vehicles coverage

Vehicles coverage

Dressing vehicles with stickers

The smartest and most innovative way of advertising – promoting products and services, is mobile advertising through the coverage of corporate cars, which provides a powerfull advantage in the advertiser, in comparison to others.

With 3M Hellas assurance...

Our collaboration with 3M Hellas helps us in offering the most durable, in means of time, materials, providing additionally quality in printing, materials and application. Stickers of both partiala nd total coverage can be produced. Having applied vinyl stickers on almost all corporate models that are in circulation today, we have acquired huge experience in applying and adherence, covering from a simple iron sheet to a 2 storey promotional bus. COPYEXPRESS is a certifiable by 3M company and offers the most powerfull worldwide guarantees in regards to both printing quality as well as material and ink durability in regards to the one that it uses.

Car Wrapping – Dressing vehicles with stickers…

3M in collaboration with COPYEXPRESS offers a vast variety of Color and Engraved Membranes made out of vinyl so that you can choose the color you prefer and make your car more amazing, however and whenever you feel like it! It goes without saying that all the above in combination with digital printing offer limitless options in regards to dressing vehicles with graphics.

  • Change the color of your care fast and in an economical way without having to repaint it.
  • Vehicle coverage is reversable, so if you wish later on, you can restore your car’s initial color by safely removing the membranes.  The removal is performed only by an authorized / certified 3M employee.
  •  3M™ Car Wrap membranes protect the car’s color form the sun and minor scratches.
  • If you do not wish to proceed with a full vehicle coverage in one color, you can adjust your car by dressing only your car’s mirrors, the front mask or its roof!

Dress your vehicle in your own style.

You are unique and there is no reason why your car shouldn’t be unique as well! With 3M’s printable membranes, you can drive a “tiger”, your favourite painting or even something unique that you designed! Το δίκτυο Πιστοποιημένων Εφαρμοστών της 3M’s certified network can help you in creating designs and graphics for your car that impress, specially adjusted to your personal taste.

You can also use a single membrane of digital printing to advertise your business or for the branding of corporate vehicles, hence improving your chances in winning your next customer. Vehicle coverage, truck and corporate vehicles graphics are an excellent way to promote your business to potential clients, as well as to enpower the image of your business when you are on the road.

Corporate Vehicles

An innovative means of promoting / advertising products is mobile promotion / advertising, which provides a powerful advantage to the advertiser.

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Vehicle coverage with stickers.

The smartest and most innovative way of advertising / promoting of products and services is mobile promotion.

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Car Wrapping

Changing the color of your car has become the latest fashion nowdays however not with regular dyeing but with special stickers.

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MOTO BIKE stickers

COPYEXPRESS offers vinyl stickers for every possible use, vehicle or motorcycle decoration or external branding.

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