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COPYEXPRESS  is one of the most contemporary companies in large scale digital printing production in Greece, offering unique solutions at the most value for money prices. Latest Technology in big size and large scale printing can be found at Copyexpress.

One partner…. All the available solutions in visual communication.

The team of COPYEXPRESS has been providing high class printing services and applications of visual communication for over 20 years now.

Our company focuses on the Customer care / service provided for its clients in the broader band of services that they might want in regards to their professional needs such as corporate events, exhibitions, stamping and the decoration of both external and internal spaces.  Branding of stores and vehicles, promotional actions in retail stores and shopping malls, stands construction, building coverage, sings and many more special applications.

Rest assured that you can be certain for the quality of our services as well as for our low prices !!

Assignments that are done on a regular basis are the following:

  • Promotional and advertising banners in any material and dimension
  • Building coverage
  • Internal wall coating with special vinyl stickers
  • Vehicle branding coverage
  • Plexiglass, wooden, pvc and metallic constructions
  • Signs
  • Flags and graphics for exhibition booths and events.
  • Interior design and decoration of stores and internal spaces
  • A professional team responsible for the placement and implementation of our services.
  • Placement network in all of Greece.

The main materials we use in our digital printings are:

  • Tarpaulin frontlit & backlit
  • Fabric, Mesh, Camvas
  • Flag, Wallpaper,
  • Backlit film
  • Photographic paper,
  • Vinyl Sticker
  • One way vision
  • When it comes to flat materials, digital printing is usually done on PVC (Forex), Wood, Aluminum, Kappa Line – mount, plexiglass, glass etc.
  • However, apart from the basic materials with the UV technology and the usesage of white ink, we are able to print in whatever material you prefer.

COPYEXPRESS can offer you the latest technology solutions in digital printing.

With the usage of EFI VUTEK technology that we have, printings, even in the most colorful and special color file, will have the correct color pallet in regards to your sample.

To be more specific, our company has the following equipment in regards to large format, such as:

  •     vutek 5330 printing machine of a 5 meter width of single printing
  •     vutek 3360 printing machine of 3,20 meters of single printing.
  •     vutek UV QS 3200 printing machine of a 3,20 meter width of single printing +  white ink for printing in flexible and non-flexible materials.
  •     Roland fj 740 printing machine of a 1,80 meters width of single printing.
  •     Mutoh Toucan printing machine of 2,20 meters width of single printing.
  •     seiko color painter 7 colors m64s
  •     summa 160 cm cutters

Offers in books

Digital book printing of a small tiraz is a basic service provided by our company.  Having equipment of the latest technology, we can provide a vertical production of book printings.

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