Vehicle Sunblock Membranes

As one can easily fathom from the product’s name alone, sunblock membranes have been manufactured with the sole purpose of eliminating harmful sun radiation and not only that.

  • Sunblock membranes also contribute to passive safety. To be more specific, in the occurrence of an accident, broken glass fragments are being held by the membrane so that minor or severe injuries can be avoided.
  • Your vehicle’s anti-theft security is being enhanced. Initially a potential thief does not have good visibility of your vehicle’s interior and even if he breaks a window, he will come across the membrane, which will take plenty of his time to cut.
  • Contemporary sunblock membranes are being manufactured with nanoceramic technology and their main goal is, apart from handling sun radiation, to reduce the temperature of the vehicle’s interior.
  • If the sunblock membrane is of good quality, the chances of total protection of the vehicle’s interior are risen in a large percentage.
Building membranes

Sunblock membranes come in a vast variety. From transparent membranes to mirror like ones.


Decorative membranes

With the usage of decorative membranes, you are given the chance to change the look of your surroundings.


Sand Frosted membranes

At COPYEXPRESS frosted membranes can transform a simple glass to a frosted glass.


Mirror membranes

Mirror membranes are membranes of high reflect-ability, an attribute that makes them very effective.


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