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It is worth mentioning that any damages are being repaired at a very low cost, while the special sticker has the ability of absorbing small stones that tend to damage the color.
Should the owner get tired from the new, he can always return to the original color.

Color changing membranes

Maybe you couldn’t afford to buy your new car at the color of your preference or maybe you have grown tired of your old car’s color and are looking for something new. 3M car color changing membranes can change your car in something new and fresh within minutes without having it repainted. Have a look at the Matte, Metallic, Shimerry and embossed color membranes, so that you can decide which one suits you, your character and you personality best. The time has come for you to give new color to your rides

Matte & Metallic Matte

Matte Membranes – Why paint when you can dress up?

Matte membranes are the new trend. Some manufacturers offer limited options in regards to matte colors for new cars, and usually at a bigger cost.

  • Matte membranes will give you a new, fresh, unique and amazing look at a reasonable price.
  • Your car will stand out and will completely different than any other that moves in the street.
  • Create a new trend as far as your car is concerned with a black or Matte gray color membrane.
  • And if you like something new, simply take it off and choose a new color and finishing.

Have a look at our color charts in order to find the matte shade that suits your style. If you want to shield your car’s matte color, 3M™ VentureShield™ color protecting membrane which is also available in matte texture, can do that for you.

  • Matte Metallic membranes

    Be seen and add style to your car with our Matte Metallic membranes. 3M’s Car Wrap 1080 color changing membrane series has a vast variety of matte metallic colors, starting from our latest entry, the new matte anthrax color to the well known dark gray matte metallic.  You can combine a matte metallic with shiny touches in the hood / mask, ceiling or mirrors, in order to make an impression when driving in the street. 3M’s certified technicians network can help you create a totally unique matte metallic look that will impress.  Find a professional fitter now!

  • Matte membranes – Find all the new matte combinations

    3M’s color changing membranes in matte finishing can change the color of your car ina speedy and economical way, without having to do a costly repaint. Top pics in matte finishes include our black matte membranes as well as our new gray matte membranes.  Have a look at our color sampling booklets in order to find the matte shade that fits your style.


Shimmery / Shinny / Glossy membranes

Shimmery / Shinny / Glossy membranes – Why paint when you can simply “dress up”?

Do you wish to change the color of your car?

  • Create a shinny result, same as the one you would get by painting your car, but at a lower cost with 3M’s Car Wrap color changing membranes.
  • Choose from our vast color variety, from classical white to vibrant pink, from hot red or shinny dark orange.
  • Dressing up your car is an economical way to create a unique style.  You can combine the colors of your preference and create something completely different.
  • Adhesive membranes can be totally removed which means that you can go back to your car’s initial color at any time. When you wish to try something new from our range, you simply proceed in a new application.

Check our pictures of “dressed up” cars in order to get inspiration and ideas.

  • Paint like finishing  – Shimmery / Shinny / Glossy finishing membranes

    Do you get bored easily? Do you want to fall in love with your car for once more? “Dressing up” your car with a Shimmery / Shinny / Glossy membrane is a fast and economical alternative in regards to repainting your car and can be taken off any time you wish. 3M’s well trained and certified technician network can fill you in, in regards to the application process and can ensure that you will get the result you want.  Visit our web-page, check our vast variety in Shimmery / Shinny / Glossy membranes and choose how you wish to transform your car.  When you have made your choice, get in touch with one of our 3M certified technicians so that they can give you an offer.


Embossed Membranes

Embossed Carbon Membranes – Acquire / Obtain the look of carbon fiber economically.

Acquire / Obtain the look of real carbon fiber (Carbon Look), both visually and in texture.

  • 3M’s 1080 color change membrane series gives the aesthetic result one can come across in race cars.
  • Partial vehicle coverage is also a smart option. You can dress up the dashboard, the ceiling and the mirrors and create a unique look and aesthetic with this smart material.
  • Carbon membrane with carbon fiber texture is both easy to apply and clean.
  • Embossed Carbon Membrane –  Not just a simple printed design.

    It is not just a printed carbon fiber design. This membrane has an embossed finishing that looks like real carbon fibers, reflecting the light in the same way and changing the main points of the design according to the visual angle.  It has a contemporary and visually attractive design that makes Carbon finishing (carbon fiber) ideal for the coverage of internal or external vehicle surfaces. Have a look  at our color scheme booklets before you contact one of our 3M certified technicians to give you an offer.

Vehicle color change with the usage of stickers.

Car color changing without actually painting the car but instead using special stickers has become quite fashionable during the last couple of months. Hundreds of cars circulate the streets with a different color, with Matte black being the most eccentric and special one.  Only two days are needed for this procedure while the cost, depending on the vehicle, begins at 1000 and reaches up to 1500 euros. 


Corporate Vehicles

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Vehicle sticker coverage

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Vehicle sticker coverage

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