Large scale printings – Printings on tarpaulin

Useful notes on tarpaulin printing

Tarpaulin attributes

Tarpaulin (PVC – FLEX ) is the most popular and widely used material in digital printing, as it is extremely durable in outdoor conditions, and quite economical. Tarpaulin digital  printing is used for banner printing, large prints for conference backdrops, building cover prints, truck signage, light signage, etc. Its texture is usually matte, and is available in roll sizes from 1 to 5 meters wide for an unlimited length (up to 50 m).

The quality

Tarpaulin can be heat-sealed or sewn to create the specifications required for its placement (rack-sleeves etc.). The qualities of tarpaulin vary depending on the work to be used, e.g. in tasks such as advertising banners we will use a lightweight tarpaulin while for the truck tarpaulin we will use a quite enhanced tarpaulin at 900 g. Tarpaulin can be printed on both sides. In the same category is perforated tarpaulin or otherwise mesh with the same technical characteristics.

Printing On Leather

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