Frameless Lightbox Textile System.
( Frameless Displays-Multipo-Matrix )

Frameless Lightbox Textile System. (Frameless Displays-Multipo-Matrix)
Digital fabric printing system. We call it Frameless!

The new trend in visual communication is large scale printing. Possibilities are endless due to the latest development in fabric printing techniques. Frameless is a guaranteed system for the application of digital printing in showrooms, POS, events, commercial exhibitions, hotel rooms, or houses due to its high quality and finesse. Whether it is being lighted or not, free in space or put on a wall, Frameless system applications know no boundaries.

Frameless® Lightboxes

Frameless Lightbox frames are different than traditional lighting boxes, where graphics are put in their place with a frame. In order to achieve the frameless look, the graphics’s edges are sawed on a silicone strip that is placed in the profile’s canal.

Portable and light

Low delivery and handling cost, even for very large dimensions, because the frames are being sent without having been assembled. Even large shapes are cleverly constructed, reducing in that way significantly the cost of transport. The fold-resistant fabric can be transported folded to minimize costs.

Easy assembly and fast change of printings

Assembling the frame and exchanging fabrics with the elastic tape can be done very easily and fast by non professionals without the usage of specific tools, even during normal business hours. Ideal for situations where graphics change on a regular basis.

One of its great advantages is the easy frame assembly.
Change of graphics is being done in zero time.

Frameless Displays-Multipo-Matrix

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