Magnet digital printing - Advertising / Promotional magnets

Magnet printings

Printing on magnets has many and varied applications since as a material it offers unique solutions. Magnetic Rolls come in various thicknesses giving us the option of choosing the appropriate material for each application.



Some of the applications of magnets are the following:

Fridge magnets

Car magnets

Magnets for stands

Wallpaper magnets

Boards – Surfaces

Paper constructions

Printings on means of transport

Total vehicle coverage in means of transport with stickers that can cover big advertising / promotional surfaces.

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Magnet application on cars

Magnets are so stable that they do not come off even if the car runs with a speed of 150 kilometers.

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Book printing

Book printings in small and large quantities, university thesis, tutoring and educational books.

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Plastic Card printing

PVC is a durable plastic, suitable for the creation and printing of business cards.

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Direct Mail printing

Mail correspondence is a valuable and effective way of communicating with your customers.

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Pin printing

There are limitless options as long as you set your imagination free.

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